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K-n-J Coffee Farm
Our partner farmers include Norman and Nikki Santiago and their “K-n-J Coffee Farm” named after their two daughters. Their coffee is from the Wood Valley area on about 10 acres of land. Their varietals are 70% Typica and 30% Red Caturra and Red Catuai. Their coffee is washed process.


Navarro Coffee Farms
Another farmer is Delvin and Shawnette Navarro of Navarro Coffee Farms.  Their coffee is from farms in two different terroirs, 5 acres in the Wood Valley area and 14 acres from the Clouds Rest area.  The varietals are mostly all typica with a small (and expanding) selection of a Catuai variant.


Lee and Nicole Segawa
Our third primary farmer/supplier is Lee and Nicole Segawa. Lee happens to also be the Kau Valley Farm Farm Manager.  He is in charge of all growing, processing, and roasting activities of our operation.  In addition to those management tasks upon the Naalehu regional farm of ours he and their family raise five acres of coffee in the Wood Valley region. His varietals are split between typica and a personal selection ‘Marogype’ variant of red catuai.  This ‘marogype’ (pronounced “ma-roo-gee-peh”), produces beans of unusually large size and a smooth easy cup of coffee.

Not only is Lee Segawa our manager and one of our partner farmers, he is also a Master Roaster, having been awarded the distinction of one of the top ten roasters at the Specialty Coffee Association of America annual convention in Seattle. Lee cares for his coffee trees with loving care and he roasts coffee with meticulous preciseness to bring out the most subtle flavors of the region the coffee was grown in.  Knowing where the coffee was raised, who farmed it, the weather the crop experienced in the season, all combine with the skills of the master roaster in the roastery building thereby producing roasted beans of the highest quality and flavors unique to the terroir and the season the coffee was grown in.


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